Garment Finishing

Making a mark with your brand

Printing for clothing brands has taught us that printing is’t just about printing.

When printing alone doesn’t suffice, and you want those extra finishing touches to make your garments unique and really stand out, some of our garment finishing options may be exactly what you need. See below for our range of extra services to give you just that.


Fold and Bag is one of our most popular extras. It is what it says on the tin – we fold the garment, bag and seal it for that sweet, fresh finish!

Swing Tags

We have our own digital print department here for various paper-based products, so a completely custom printed swing tag is an easy add-on for us in house!

Tagless Labels

If you don’t want to go the whole hog and splash our on woven labels, tagless label printing is always a great alternative.

Unpick and Sew

For the ultimate finish, we can unpick the stitching to remove the manufacturer label and stitch your own in!